Montag, 16. November 2015

The game

We are looking for runners and sponsors who want to gather kilometres and donations for the benefit of refugee housing (maintained by Bonveno)  and the local migration centre. We want to support both the daily needs of the refugees and the integration efforts by the centre.

Runner's info:
  • You're running in the Advent period, between 12/1 and 12/24. We don't require daily running, even though that's a nice extra challenge. You log kilometres per day, either by hand or via a GPS tracker on a phone or sports watch. This donation drive was inspired by Claudia Schroegel's and James Poole's annual "Advent Running".
  • This is meant for runners/walkers at all levels, especially for couch potatoes needing a reason to leave said couch in mid winter. There is no minimum mileage and everybody is welcome!
  • For each kilometre, a certain amount of money is pledged - either by the runners themselves or by private/corporate (co-)sponsors. There is no fixed pledge, you decide.
  • All kilometres are logged in a Google Docs spreadsheet. If you want to join, e-mail We'll add a column for you, put in the donation amounts and you can enter your kilometres in the yellow cell for each day. You're allowed to use aliases/nicknames, by the way.
  • In the green cell right below your name, you can enter your estimated total km. This is meant for sponsors to figure out donation amounts and not a mandatory total. After all, we want people to have fun and not get injured.
  • If you don't have a GPS device, you can calculate distances by plotting your runs on or Alternatively, if you just have a stopwatch, multiply your running time with a base speed like 9 kph.
  • If you're on Strava: there's a club "Laufender Adventskalender". Runs logged by group members show up in a widget on this blog.
  • There's no competition in this. However, we hope there'll be certificates for your trophy walls ;)

Sponsor's info:
  • Donations go to Bonveno for direct refugee housing support and to the migration centre for their integration efforts. Account details here. You can choose for yourselves how to distribute your donation and we also ask you to transfer the money yourselves, as we can't issue donation receipts as private citizens.
  • There are different donation strategies: you can support every kilometre by every runner with a small amount like 1ct/km, or choose particular runners, including yourself,  family or members of your company/running club etc.
    We'll enter the respective amounts into a row in the blue area on the Google docs spreadsheet
  • Some participants are just runners. It would be nice if we found sponsors for everybody, so it would be great if you considered splitting your pledge with people who haven't any sponsoring entries yet (could be the symbolic 1ct/km)
  • Since we don't have a good estimate how big this is going to be, you can specify a maximum donation. Also, runners have a green cell under their name with their estimated total kilometres, which you can use to figure out kilometre allowances.
  • If you're interested, e-mail, specifying runners, allowances and maximum donations and we'll update the spreadsheet for you. The sponsor cell ranges are read only to protect against vandalism.
  • We'll update each sponsor on the result via e-mail around Christmas. During the Advent days, each sponsor can check their current total donation in the blue marked cells in column D on the spreadsheet. 
What do I have to do to contribute?
  • Send an e-mail to with the following information:
  • Are you sponsor, runner or both?
  • Which runners are you sponsoring, and, for each of them, how much money are you giving per kilometre?
  • If you're sponsoring, what is your maximum total donation?
  • If you're running, provide a nickname/your real name and a rough estimate of how much you are going to run in total.
  • We'll then figure out what to enter in the spreadsheet. Runners just have to enter each run in the yellow cells below their name. Donors don't have to enter anything at all, the sheet magic takes care of updating the amounts. If you want additional changes, have questions or require further assistance, just send another e-mail.
  • No deadlines! Registration is open from now until December 24th. We're looking forward to your e-mails!

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